Facebook Sends Weekly Emails Of App Developer To Wrong Individuals

In one more privacy hiccup that Facebook is converting into a habit lately, the firm has confessed of fortuitously copying some weekly emails of app developer to the incorrect recipients.

Headlines of the leak surfaced when a developer gave information to a news website that one of these emails had concluded up being read by somebody out of the firm.

Facebook Sends Weekly Emails Of App Developer To Wrong Individuals

When asked about the problem, Facebook introduced a statement confessing that Facebook Analytics data for developers, admins, and analysts had also been conveyed to app testers. This is what the firm has to say:

Due to an error in our email delivery system, weekly business performance summaries we send to developers about their account were also sent to a small group of those developer’s app testers. No personal information about people on Facebook was shared. We’re sorry for the error and have updated our system to prevent it from happening again.

On a similar note, Facebook declared this week that it is no longer chasing its plan of designing its personal high-flying UAV for offering internet. This was an initiative inside its Aquila project that was commenced 4 Years back. The news was posted in a blog post named “High altitude connectivity: The next chapter,” authored by a director of engineering at Facebook ,Yael Maguire.

Originally, Aquila was the firm’s stratosphere bold Internet program that envisioned huge drones operating partly on solar energy that might stay in flight for long durations of time and offer LTE service to distant areas of the world. In extensive terms, Aquila was one of many methods (besides other initiatives including Internet.org) that the firm is attempting to assist the distant parts of Earth and the developing globe gets online. This is done so that they too can turn out to be Facebook users.

The Aquila project performed two high-profile & public test flights of a sample UAV in 2016.

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