Facebook sees a rise in the expenses narrowing margins of operation

The costs of Facebook has risen as well as expenses have been narrowing a margin of the operation which made the stocks fall by over 7% in the stocks in bottom and top lines.

The full-year of 2019 costs of Facebook and the expenses have come in at a level of $46.71 billion which is up by a level compared to the total in the year 2018. That has coincided with the drop in the operating margin of company, which had fallen from a level of 45% in the year 2019 to a level of 34% in the year 2019

Facebook has given a report of growth in revenue of close to 24.7% in comparison to one year ago making this the fourth quarter consecutively which the company had delivered a growth of less than 30%. The COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg had announced that company now has advertisers of over 8 million, up from the 7 million in the month of October 2019.

This company had on Wednesday made an announcement of $10 billion repurchase program of share.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had said in his statement that they had a very good quarter and had ended strong for the year as their community as well as the business continuing to grow. They have remained focused on the building of services which helped people be connected the ones which they care about.

Facebook had said that is counting over 2.89 billion in the users of the month all over the family of the apps in comparison to 2.8 billion in the last quarter. This has been used for measuring total user base of Facebook all across their apps.

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