Facebook Revealed Its So-called Robotics Research—Report

Recently, Facebook published a post that provided details about its 3 robotics projects. Every single one of it focuses on ways by which robots can be teach their selves from the experience instead of learning form the data made available for training grounds. This is the same skill the company believes to have great impact beyond the robotics field. Facebook further mentions the post that all this work will result in an enhanced robot with more capabilities. More importantly, this will result in AI which will be able to learn efficiently as well as speculate new applications.

As per the company’s blog post, one of the projects focuses on allowing a robot (6-legged) to walk that it teaches itself. The other project explores as to how providing robots with the additional “curiosity” thing can enhance their process of learning. On the other hand, the 3rd project aims on allowing robots to learn via “touch” or tactile sensing. A research scientist, Roberto Calandra, from the AI division of Facebook is of the opinion that in reality, the world is difficult and messy. It is not the so-called perfect place and is not neat. Hence, the efforts taken by them for developing algorithms working on actual robots will help them create AI algorithms which will be more robust, reliable, and will learn faster.

On a related note, one side Facebook is developing great AIs and on the other it might know more as far as your personal life is considered. It is found in a report by The Intercept that few of the advertisers can use the data provided to Facebook, targeting advertisements that are based on a credit score of particular user. The report has raised new questions about Facebook’s dealing with user’s data sharing. The tool that is questioned is known as Actionable Insights. This tool is used by Facebook for sharing data regarding mobile devices of its users with various telecom companies.

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