Facebook, Google Do Not Comply With GDPR Policy
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Facebook, Google Do Not Comply With GDPR Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is the latest law implemented by the European Union. The motto of this law is to take care of the personal data of the users who are associated with the various social media networking sites. This will enable them to use and control the information as per their wish.

Facebook, Google Do Not Comply With GDPR Policy

Immediately after the implementation of the aforementioned law, complaints were lodged against WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, and Instagram. The accusation against the companies was regarding their target to utilize the confidential information of the users to help the advertisers revamp the marketing strategy. Max Schrems also stated that the people are not allowed to avail an ample choice to opt out of it. He is the leader of noyb.eu, which is a privacy group.

If the complaint takes a proper shape, the websites will be asked to change the settings and the way of operation.

As per the new law, noyb.eu claims that the said companies are not following the proper protocols meant for the social media sites but have embraced a casual approach regarding the security breaches.

It is also said that the company must take proper permission from the customers regarding their information and they should be offered with the right to have a complete control over the same. This will restrict the ongoing practices and will implement laws in favor of the people and their restrictions.

GDPR allows the accessibility of the personal information of the clients in order to utilize it for the purpose of offering a splendid service. However, the social media giants will not be allowed to utilize data for the purpose of marketing.

Some of the companies have even temporarily suspended their services in Europe to avoid sabotaging the rules of the new law. On the contrary, the companies that will fail to abide by the laws will face a huge fine of £17 million.