Facebook Bans Ads For Weapon Accessory To Users Below 18

Facebook has banned ads for weapon accessories to consumers below the age of 18. This comes in the middle of an intense debate over gun control in the U.S. after a huge amount of mass shootings, as per some media reports.

Facebook Bans Ads For Weapon Accessory To Users Below 18

The social media behemoth presently bars ads for the trading of weapons. But the firm took an extra measure of including an age obligation for ads trading things such as belt accessories, holsters, or mounted flashlights, the media reported. For instance, ads for gun slings, cases, and gun paint are permitted, but only with the new age obligation. But those for ammunition, firearms, BB guns, and paintball guns are not permitted, it claimed.

The new guideline is set to start from June 21, 2018, it claimed. The declaration comes as the U.S. has been entangled in a national debate over gun improvement. Mass shootings, comprising school assaults in Santa Fe, Texas, and Parkland, Florida, have exaggerated the discussion.

Facebook is not the only Silicon Valley firm that has waded into the gun dispute by limiting the content on its website. In March 2018, YouTube claimed it will prohibit clips that link to or promote websites that trade accessories and firearms. The firm had already barred clips that tried to trade firearms.

The data collection and advertising policies of Facebook have more widely been below inspection as the firm deals with the hardest crises in its history of 14 Years. In March 2018, the social media behemoth was criticized for a scam comprising the British political consulting company Cambridge Analytica, which inappropriately authorized personal data of almost 87 Million Facebook consumers.

The updated ads policy of Facebook might disturb Second Amendment advocates and conservatives. Some conservatives are already doubtful of Facebook, blaming the social media giant of suppression and liberal bias of conservative voices.

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