Emirates Premium Economy A380 to be launched in Nov 2020

The Dubai based airline will be introducing premium economy seats in its A380 that will be newly introduced from next year. The seats will also be available in A350, and Boeing 777-300ERS.

Emirates President Tim Clark says that the premium economy cabin will be “special”. They will be wider than the ordinary economy seats with more legroom, he says. They will be apt for daytime travel, where a flat-bed will not be necessary.

It is expected that the A380 will have 56 premium economy seats. In the first-class, they will be located in the lower deck, in the front. Without the first class, they will be located on the upper deck.

Fitted with an Eclipse seat, they will be appreciated by all passengers and airlines alike. It will come along with an integrated cabin that will have the same cabin space.

As the Premium economy will have a fare that is less expensive than business class fare, it is expected to attract more customers for its service and comfort towards a relaxed journey. It will provide more legroom and more reclining space than the economy seats.

Emirates has said that the premium economy will be ideal for long-haul destinations and will have various cabin configurations. Some will have the cabin, while some will not have them.

More people will prefer the premium economy because it will provide business class facility at a lower cost. The company will benefit from more revenue than the ordinary economy class.

The B777X aircraft is expected to introduce premium economy seats from mid-2020, while the A380 is expected to launch its new product by Nov 2020.

Emirates Chairman Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum says that it is a long-standing strategy for Emirates to invest in efficient and modern aircraft. “We are confident of its performance”, he says.

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