Don’t Look For Updates On Facebook From Mozilla

Tesla, Mozilla, and other firms are keeping themselves away from Facebook after the revelations of a huge leak of consumer information to political firms related with the Trump campaign of 2016.

Even though the actions will not likely be enduring and will not have much of an impact on bottom line of Facebook, they are the newest fallout that the social media behemoth has to deal with due to the ever-spiraling scam. This comes along with a #deletefacebook movement and a dropping stock cost.

Don't Look For Updates On Facebook From Mozilla

“We are taking a break from the social media network,” Mozilla claimed last week in a blog post. The firm, which developed the web browser (Firefox), claimed that it is pausing on its Facebook ads and will not be publishing on its Facebook page. However, it did not remove its page and claimed it will mull over coming back if Facebook takes sturdier moves to protect consumers’ information and enhances privacy settings.

Commerzbank, the German bank, also claimed that was putting on hold its advertising on Facebook since it assesses data safety. And Sonos, which produces other electronics including speakers, claimed that it is pulling ads from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google for a week.

In the mean time, Elon Musk made waves claiming in on Twitter that he will take down the Facebook websites for his firms SpaceX and Tesla. As of last week, the websites seemed to be inactive. SpaceX and Tesla did not answer to a question for interview.

“The scandal of Cambridge Analytica, like many latest news making their way out of Silicon Valley, lifts questions about if Big Tech is performing sufficiently to balance its personal interests with one of its most important responsibilities: defending user privacy,” Sonos claimed in a blog post this week. In addition to this, many companies are following the same steps.

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