DJI lodges Complaint Against BBC Over Drone Reporting

DJI, a drone making company has registered a complaint against BCC for wrongly portraying these airborne gadgets in the television reports. It has expressed disappointment in an open letter, stating that these drones have been wrongly depicted in the videos.

DJI also pointed out that such videos were hearsay, suggesting that they failed to entertain, inform and educate in the right manner. BCC on the other hand have declined any negative portrayal of the drones. In the letter DJI clearly stated the videos against which the allegations were being made. The Panorama report, broadcasted this April, was one of the instances mentioned. This report was regarding the Gatwick shutdown, allegedly caused by a drone. The Horizon report was the other one where drones were called the next Air disaster of Britain.

DJI provided video proof and advice to BCC, who used none of these materials. They argued that the BCC focused on low recurring high risk instances rather than focusing on the positive uses of the drones. In the report DJI mentioned some safe and important uses of the drones like remote identification, geo-fencing, collision sensors and automatic sensing of airborne transport systems. Yet the main focus was the few unfortunate incidents which were used as a means to change the general opinion of these devices.

These were certain complains regarding some specific points mentioned in the reports. Like, the way the aircraft and drone collision was portrayed in the Horizon report, was disturbing. They argue that the release of such information misguides the opinion of the general public. BCC on the contrary argued that the Horizon report regarding the Gatwick airport incident was in strong interest of the public. The study regarding the safety of the drones and its mechanism was justified. They mentioned that the report does not cast the drone technology as unsafe, but were to highlight how it can be misused in the wrong hands. The registration of the formal compliant will be done this Friday.

About: Akash Gokhe