Details On Next Apple HomePod And AirPods Revealed

We have been listening rumors about the Cupertino-based company’s next-gen HomePod audio gadget but nothing evident is recognized related to the AirPods heir. A fresh media report now speaks about a couple of new functions that one can hope from the next wireless headphones. The report also speaks of the company’s plans to roll out a studio-quality over the ear headphones and a fresh HomePod as well.

Details On Next Apple HomePod And AirPods Revealed

Apple’s forthcoming AirPods is claimed to arrive with water-resistant build and noise cancelling tech. On the other hand, consumers will not be capable of swimming wearing the device. The company is being claimed to elevate the range of AirPods as well. These are believed to cost more than the present models that has a price tag of $159 and might be launching in 2019. Also in progress is a wireless charging case for AirPods that will operate with the forthcoming AirPower charger.

Mentioning sources, the report claims that the firm has internally talked on including a heart-rate sensor in AirPods to extend the health-supported services that it has to provide beyond the iPhone and the watch. As for 2018, the firm will supposedly be upgrading the headphones with a new processor and hands-free Siri activation support.

On a related note, a different report claims that Apple might be operating with Foxconn to increase up its manufacture of AirPods. Till now, it has only operated with Luxshare Precision Industry Co. and Inventec Corp.

The speculated over-the-ear-headphones might be vying with the premium headphones from competitors such as Sennheiser and Bose. These will be the high-end options to the company’s Beats series and are claimed to have Apple branding. As for the roll out, this device were believed to come later in 2018 but due to development hurdles, will be coming in early 2019, as per the sources.

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