Daytime Drowsiness Is Caused By Demise Of Main Brain Cells, Study Finds

 According to a new research, a lot of people suffering from dementia possess a tendency to sleep very much throughout the whole day, even though a full night sleep has been taken by them. Based on the associations among neurodegenerative conditions and excessive sleepiness, researchers are speculating that looking at daytime napping designs might help guess the growth of dementia. But one thing which is still not clear is that, exactly, why people suffering with this condition practice the necessity to nap so frequently.

Currently, it has been demonstrated by a recent study conducted by researchers from many institutions including the University of California that, major loss of brain cells is experienced by people having dementia, which are present in the areas of the brain tasked with maintaining us wide-awake. It has also been suggested by the findings, which were printed in the Alzheimer’s & Dementia journal that, these changes in brain are activated by an overaccumulation of tau protein. In dementia, twists are formed by tau protein that disturbs communication between health of impact cell and neurons.

Dr. Lea Grinberg, who is senior author of the study said that, definitive evidence has been shown by our work regarding the areas of brain indorsing wakefulness debased due to accumulation of tau from the actual initial phases of the disease. It appears that the wakefulness promoting network is particularly vulnerable in dementia. A compelling neurobiological explanation has been provided by the new evidence given by us about the degeneration associated with tau, said Dr. Grinberg. She added that, we need to be more focused on understanding the initial stages of accumulation of tau in these areas of brain cells in our current search for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. It has been shown by this research that, burden of tau is probably a straight driver of cognitive decline.

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