Data Cap Anxiety Likely To Come With 5G Mobile Network

BT- owned EE has become the first to launch a 5G network in UK. The most awaited arrival was welcomed with a song by rapper Stormzy and flash of fireworks. However the service is limited to only few numbers of cities currently.

As part of testing the technology, Rory Cellan-Jones, technology correspondent of BBC had reached central London’s Covent Garden to go live on the news channel of BBC using a 5G video. The broadcast was smooth but he later said that there was a bit of technical hitch. Testing the video streaming for three days has hit the data cap and it has to be topped up again if he has to go live and air the show again.

The major benefit of 5G is the vast increase in network capacity however the price plans of EE has got data caps. The cheapest plan now is the £54 monthly with 10 GB data cap and £170 for compatible handset. Although it is said that one can use 5G speed for streaming ultra-HD films in a moment, this will exhaust the 10 GB data cap. However EE has said that they have included some of the best data allowances for their 5G tariffs and also that for many customers 10 GB was plenty.

5G’s faster speed of downloading can make it a better alternative to fixed-line broadband unless for the restriction on data cap. The tariffs for 5G home broadband has not yet been revealed by EE but since they are the only one providing the service right now in market they can price any how they want. It is said that Vodafone will be coming up with its 5G service within a few weeks and this may result in some competitive prices and also less restriction on data caps. Whatsoever the scenario is the increased network capacity as promised by the new generation technology will surely come as a favor for the customers.

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