Coralberry Compound Likely To Help Treat Eye Cancer

A new discovery in the world of eye cancer, recent research states that one of the compounds in coralberry can provide some relief in eye cancer. In the earlier studies the doctors did not get any proper evidence which stated that coralberry is good for eye cancer. According to the data from American Cancer Society, the survival rate for this type of cancer is quite high. The case if metastatic eye cancer is different. Metastatic refers to the state in which the cancer cells flow to different parts of the body to form tumor. The survival rate is much lower in case of metastatic eye cancer. In these cases it is critical that the growth of cancer cells can be slowed down. German researchers now think they have found the solution in coralberry plant.

Coralberry is a plant species from Korea. The bright red fruit from the plant is considered ideal for home decoration especially during holidays. Scientists took a lot of interest in the plant and studied each part of coralberry plant. The leaves from the plant are known to contain insecticides. This is known as FR900359 (FR). The study was ongoing for 30 years. This element safeguards the leaves from insects. Now scientists think this plant compound can provide relief from asthma. Now a new study has revealed FR can also help in treating eye cancer. The observations have been published in the Science Signaling Journal.

Researchers from United States of America, University of Magdeburg and Bonn from Germany collectively think that this element is important to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Evi Kostenis, who is a professor at the University of Bonn’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology informed this substance contain Gq protein. Scientists have described that these chemical compounds are more like a control centre. These have the capability to wither switch on or off the metabolism path.

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