China Based Zotye Auto and Ford Shake Hands to Develop Electric Cars

The wave of electric technology is flowing all around the globe. And on such grounds, China based Anhui Zotye Automobile Co. Ltd and the leading automaker Ford inked a MoU to develop the fully-electric vehicle in China. The archive entitles the fabrication of a 50/50 joint endeavor to make electric autos on the planet’s biggest new auto market, and offer them under a Chinese brand name.

The move demonstrates Ford’s dedication regarding both electric vehicles and Chinese market. In an official statement, the Blue Oval said it anticipates the market for supposed “new energy vehicles” in China will achieve 6 Million units yearly by 2025, including 4 million will be fully electric cars.

“New energy vehicles” is a term instituted by the Chinese government that incorporates every single electric auto, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, and plug-in hybrids.

The Chinese government started incentivizing new energy vehicles quite earlier to battle unpleasant air contamination, however, the sales figures have just started to rose over the recent years. A huge piece of those sales has been attributed to the plug-in hybrids, owing to China’s constrained charging infrastructure, which may not get connected all the time and restricted range of small electric vehicles.

Ford had prior intentions to grow sales of electric autos, but the joint endeavor with Zotye Auto depicts a more grounded dedication towards those plans. In April, Ford stated that by 2025 it would offer an all-electric or hybrid rendition of each model assembled in China, as indicated by sources. The automaker additionally said it would adopt a wary strategy, owing to potential shifts in government policy and indecisive consumer demand.
In the interim, Ford intends to introduce an electric SUV with a capacity of 300-mile run in the United States, with a horde of new hybrids. Ford is also functioning with DHL in Germany on delivery vans powered by electric technology. It’s a noteworthy change for an organization that hasn’t demonstrated much enthusiasm for fully electric auto. Ford’s present fully-electric model is the disliked Focus Electric, which is sold in smalls volumes.

At present, let’s hope the alliance will help both the companies to achieve their goals, as it would indirectly help to boost the market potential, keep the planet clean and free from the hazardous emissions. We know this isn’t possible by the contribution of countable automakers or market players, but the initiative to make the planet safe to breathe and pollution free can be supported by us.


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