Cable breaks affect South African power

One clock in the country of South Africa has been counting the seconds down until one pair of the broken cables have been expected to go into the service. In every few hours, TENET which is a service provider which keeps the university of South Africa and the research facilities which are connected to the internet of the world, as per the update of tweets.

The WACS submarine cable which is eight years old and runs parallel to the west coast of Africa and had broken on two points on the 16th of January. On the same day, a cable which was 18 years old named as SAT-3 which runs in the same route has also broken.

The cable breaks whether it was because of the sabotage or the accidents are risks which are well known so most of the service providers of Internet and their lease capacity on the alternate routes like the backup as per the experts. The speeds of Internet in South Africa has dropped post the break however most of these services and also had backups and had been able to maintain the connections.

TENET had restored the overseas connections by a switch to the alternate 80gbps on the EASSy and SEACOM cables on the east coast of Africa. The latency has increased because of the failover however there are no current reported issues of it being detrimental for connectivity as per the representatives from TENET on the 30th of January.

Had this break happened 15 years earlier when the older cable had been the only cable connection among international submarine in the South Africa, the country might have been cut off almost completely from other parts of the world.

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