Automated Stores By Amazon Will Begin Accepting Cash

Amazon aims to begin taking cash at its programmed convenience shops, dealing with the increasing complaints that cash-free businesses distinguish against lower-income and impoverished users who are more liable to lack authorization to credit cards or banking.

The modification, reported by the media with verification from Amazon, will not go into effect immediately. And it is not known still how the firm will make the modification. The media reports an official claiming that “extra payment techniques” are in progress, and a spokesperson claimed that you will ultimately be capable of “checking out, paying with cash, and then getting your change.”

This is a huge modification to Amazon’s structure. Its Amazon Go shops, 10 of which have started up to now, were developed completely around the thought of being free of cashier. Users walk in, scan their smartphone to verify their account on Amazon, select whatever product they need, and get out without checking. Cameras track users all over the shop, identifying automatically what they put back down or select, and eventually take out with them. After leaving, the shop will charge buyouts to their account on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, the firm is reportedly in discussions to provide an ad-supported, free tier of its music service, as per a media report. Even though there are no details about whether it will be more on-demand or radio-like, media recommends this new free platform will highlight Amazon as a direct rival to Spotify (the market leader).

Amazon aims to market the new choice via its Echo devices, and media claims that it can be accessible as soon as possible. The free tier will have a restricted catalog of songs, and the firm reportedly got the licenses by providing participating labels an offer to pay as per the stream. The rate of payment is not connected to the amount of ads Amazon trades.

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