Apple Watch 4 Series Might Get A New Design, To Feature Larger Display

If there is a brand whose goods stay in the headlines all across the year, then it is the Cupertino-based Apple. Past couple of weeks were devoted to what and how Apple will roll out in Chicago at an event on March 27, 2018. The firm lifted the curtain of secrecy and declared an affordable and new iPad. Now, after the roll out of the iPad, one more product of Apple is in headlines. This time it is the Watch.

Apple Watch 4 Series Might Get A New Design, To Feature Larger Display

As per a report from Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst from KGI Securities Apple, in all probability will roll out a renovated Apple Watch Series 4. Kuo, who has a fine reputation when it comes to Apple-associated speculations, claimed to the media that the upcoming watch from Apple will have bigger display in addition to better health observing.

The details of the Apple Watch Series 4 still stay limited but Kuo did unveil that it will boast more fashionable form factor design and 15% bigger screen. What can also be anticipated in the new Apple Watch is enhanced capabilities for health monitoring.

In the past few years, Apple has been ruling the segment of smart watch. It has been claimed that Apple can end up trading almost 22–24 Million Apple Watch by the end of 2018. Last year, it was unveiled that Apple turned out the largest watchmaker all over the world. Seeing that the first Apple Watch was rolled out in 2014, it arrived as quite a surprising revelation. In 2018, Apple is anticipated to trade over 30% units in comparison to previous year.

It is also anticipated that the Series 4 of Apple Watch will be rolled out in September I addition with the new series of iPhones. Speculations recommend that Apple can roll out as many as 3 iPhone models this year.

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