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An App That Enables Anyone To Build Custom Android Ransomware

On underground forums, a ransomware development kit is been sold that does not need any coding expertise to use. So, all an aspiring cyber-criminal requires is an Android phone to create their own file-locking malware. The Trojan Development Kit app—downloadable for free from hacking discussion boards—comes with a simple-to-use interface that enables criminals to rapidly build their own ransomware, as per the research team who recently revealed the existence of this specific DIY ransomware kit.

Symantec’s principal threat analysis engineer, Dinesh Venkatesan, said, “The complete procedure of building a ready-to-use bit of malware is completed on a smartphone with no need to write even a single line of code.” The app enables malware creation following easy guidelines and filling out forms, with a range of customization alternatives accessible to the emerging cyber-criminal.

These comprise the message to be presented on the lock screen of the infected device, the icon utilized by the malware, the key used to unlock the device, the sort of animation to be presented on the infected device, and the mathematical operations to randomize the code. After completing the filing of all forms, the user can select the button “create,” commencing a discussion with the app developer to give a one-off payment. Once that is done, the users are liberated to dole out the ransomware and create as many variants as they wish in future.

The Lockdroid behavior is followed by the ransomware made by the app, locking the device with the use of a system alert window and merely exhibiting content to the user, informing them their handset is locked and that they must compensate to recover access. Though Android ransomware is far less common compared to Windows ransomware, the marketplace for it is budding. All of the Trojan Development Kits observed up to now have been intended at Chinese-speaking users; however, researchers say transforming the interface for creating ransomware in other languages can soon be accessible if it is not already the scenario.

Already, ransomware-as-a-service kits have made it simpler for wannabe cyber-criminals to receive a ransomware pie piece, and researchers say the appearance of DIY ransomware apps further drops the bar for wannabe hackers. Thus, it is recommended by the researchers to avoid downloading from untrusted sources, to create backups of vital information, and keep the system software up-to-date to stay on a safer side.

However, it appears that many are not following this fundamental instruction of keeping systems up-to-date and patched. If you want to keep your data safe, then do follow the instructions.