App Designed To Monitor And Measure Diabetes Without Using Blood

Scientists in the U.K. have designed a fresh smartphone application that can assist monitor and measure glucose levels in the blood without utilizing a drop of blood. This discovery can change lives of thousands of people suffering from diabetes. The app, dubbed as Epic Health, substitutes the requirement for diabetics to pierce their fingers various times every day.

App Designed To Monitor And Measure Diabetes Without Using Blood

The application, appropriate for both Type 2 and Type 1 diabetics, operates by positioning a finger over the camera lens of the handset and taking a sequence of close-up pics that give data about the temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure of the user. In addition to this, it also gives blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate, the researchers claimed.

“The application utilizes an easy protocol that takes the customers to take a non-invasive examination and this permits us to take the important data in an organized method, which makes the most reliable results,” founder of the app, Dominic Wood, claimed to the media in a statement. “This is a biggest booster of prevention of invasive tests,” Wood further tells, “for everyone that are yet to be analyzed with the general jeopardy of diabetes when it’s still avoidable.” Prominently, the Epic application can calculate levels of insulin resistance.

It does this by calculating the difference in the pulse of the patient that is associated to concentration of glucose in blood. This will permit someone to modify their lifestyle to prevent mounting full-developed Type 2 diabetes, said the researchers.

“The view of a non-invasive application that observes levels of glucose in the blood without a single drop of blood and without even a supplementary part of technology is an exhilarating one,” said Diabetes UK’s Dan Howarth. The application, which has been in progress for 3 Years, will go through clinical examinations in the next month.

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