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Amazon Provides Quantum Computing On Its Amazon Web Service Servers

Quantum computing is debatably the upcoming primary landmark for tech firms, but until you are the likes of IBM or Google, it is a fairly pricey endeavor. But Amazon—which up until now has been very silent on the quantum end—has goal to provide a quantum computing platform to firms via the internet, thus removing some of the prices and other hurdles related with pursuing the tech.

Rather than developing its own quantum device (which comprises a lot of money), AWS has rolled out Braket (so dubbed for the common notation of quantum phases) in association with IonQ, D-Wave, and Rigetti. The platform makes these firms’ quantum devices accessible via the cloud, letting researchers and developers to play around with quantum circuits and qubits, and to test quantum mechanisms in a simulated surrounding. Consumers can develop their own mechanisms from ground, or work with a group of pre-developed ones. Everything is used via a solo interface.

AWS is also rolling out the AWS Quantum Solutions Lab and the AWS Center for Quantum Computing. Again, this neither involves Amazon developing its own quantum device, but instead they make a network for the exploration and advancement of the tech. It is a smart decision for Amazon. It gives them a place in the quantum game without the eye-watering monetary risk, and unlocks up the technology to those that could not otherwise ever expect to use it. Microsoft rolled out a same service—Azure Quantum—previous month, while Q Experience by IBM is already well settled, so it appears that attaining quantum supremacy may not be main goal of the tech after all.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is standing by its statement that it has attained quantum supremacy—marking a huge milestone in computing study.