AI To Identify Dating App Scammers—Latest Report

Research suggest that artificial intelligence or AI can be used to spot scammers who make use of dating sites in tricking people and getting money. Fake profiles can be tracked by using neural network which analyses the profile, images and messages of real data. Researchers said that in 93% of the cases the system was able to accurately spot the spammers.

As per reports of Action Fraud, which are the police reporting center of UK, about £50 million was lost in 2018 in cases of romance scams by the people of UK. The victims were women accounting for about 63%. Computer scientists from US, UK and Australia came up together over the AI based system and found that about 60% of the people who made fake profiles were men and were around 50 years of age. It was found that more emotive language and images were used by scammers and in fake profiles. Also they used common words like loving, caring and passionate. Almost 15,000 profiles from the Dating N More site were used for training the system. Data from this particular website was used as they publicly posted the profiles when they discover they are fake profiles.

The team expressed their hopes saying that a warning system could be set up which can spot scammers as they set up a fake account and try contacting the victims. The researchers said that scams prevailing in dating sites and other apps were difficult to handle as they were not generated automatically and also were not so big campaigns. They also said that the present method is a better one as compared to the ones used now which use blacklists and some other types of basic technical methods. They further said that they are focusing on examining data available on dating sites so that they could seek information for enforcement and for taking countermeasures.

About: Akash Gokhe