Account Bio Of Instagram Receives Support For @mentions And #hashtags

The photo-sharing service controlled by Facebook, Instagram, has made it simpler for you to reveal more right in your account bio about yourself. Up till now consumers were only capable of describing themselves and using type-in words. Now, they can also employ @mention and hashtags to make the detail of their account more verbal for others.

Account Bio Of Instagram Receives Support For @mentions And #hashtags

“Today, we are rolling out profile links and hashtags in bio, a fresh method to show yourself along with the things you are most concerned about. Now when you add a ‘@’ or ‘#’ in your biography, they turn into live links that result in another profile or a hashtag page,” claims the official post of Instagram.

Including @mentions and hashtags in the bio of your are simple. All you require to do is to click on “Edit Profile” option and type a ‘@’ or ‘#’ to see a catalog of suggested accounts and hashtags. Choosing a @mention and hashtag will include it automatically in your bio. While employing the @mention function, the user you have mentioned in your bio will receive a message. They even receive the capability of removing the link to their profile.

Recently, Instagram rolled out the Type mode (in stories). The firm states that it is a latest way to share posts with creative backgrounds and text styles that is on your mind, no video or photo needed.

Similar to the normal stories, you first have to unlock the camera inside the app of Instagram and then you will come upon the “Type” positioned alongside “Normal” below the button of record. You just have to click on the icon of “Type” so as to write anything that you might like to post. Afterwards, you can opt for different colors of background, highlight phrases or words, and add a background photo. The application also allows consumers to include new styles while adding text to any photo or video.

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