New DIY AI Kits From Google Is A Tool To Craft The Futuristic Technology

The mode of technology according to the futuristic need is constantly shifting. It has been a technological trend—no matter what the trend is, there is always a capital fund ready to grab the development ownership, for instance, Google glass and chatbots. Investors have burned loads of money and time on them, seeing a long-lasting trend. It has been generally seen that future-based technologies majorly have a short-term influence and vanish off rapidly owing to constant development. However, in the case of technologies such as AI are considered to have a long-lasting contribution to development.

New DIY AI Kits From Google Is A Tool To Craft The Futuristic Technology

Almost every company has now got itself into an AI bandwagon, this time it is for a good cause. AI and machine learning have fortified the strength of the computers to that extent, which we can hardly imagine. In this case, Google has identified a new method of equipping some aspirant’s engineers and tech freaks, by providing the tools that they require to understand and develop their own AI solutions.

Google has started a new initiative that offers DIY kits for people, particularly students, who are curious to experiment with diverse AI solutions. It has announced two “AIY”, which is similar to DIY but dedicated to artificial intelligence. The kit will have every component that is needed to build AI solutions, for example, Raspberry Pi Zero WH board.

Billy Rutledge, Director of AIY Projects at Google said in his blog, “We are initiating the first steps to aid the educator to include AIY into the STEM lesson plans and assist to train students for the futuristic challenges, by introducing a new version of AIY kits.” There are various types of kits available, such as for voice controlled speakers there are Voice Kits and for recognizing the objects and people there are Vision Kit.

The new kits make it pretty simple for integration with comprehensive instructions, app and all necessary parts in a single box.

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