Zuckerberg says history will side with his decision on FB…that’s unlikely

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the current political situation is just a momentary blip. Facebook’s role allowing interference in elections, hate speech, fake news to span across its networking platform of over 2 billion operators will reflect well in history books.

On Thursday while addressing Georgetown University, Zuckerberg focused around his views on freedom of speech and the company’s role in arguing the feelings, views and expense on political ads of users worldwide.

Unlike TikTok and other social media firms, Facebook will continue to allow political advertising. He revised the foundation of Facebook, claiming that its purpose was to spread discussion on the Iraq War that begun during his stay in Harvard. It main purpose however was to rate physical attractiveness of the students. He declines tech companies’ involvement in arbitrating the truth.

Basing on the decisive factor on how Facebook will be looked at in the future, Zuckerberg’s thoughts have stuck out. Conservatives have rallied out on protesting claims of Facebook dowsing the conservative voices despite opposing evidence. Grappling scandalous affair going back for more than three years have reassured employees by suggesting that the work by Facebook have connected people and is a haven for open dialogue and debate.

The speech ended with Zuckerberg reassuring his faith in people by giving them a voice. With a collective voice fighting for the cause, it will help tackle the issues and create history. Every individual perspective and voice can help bring the world together. His speech indicates a different light on the company when reviewing back in the future deeming his decision right although promoting deceptive or false speech and fake political advertisements. The good will outweigh the bad. He reasons Facebook’s policies to surpass the chaos and the decision to be reflected in a good light in the process.

Zuckerberg roots his principles on the First Amendment. The solution to drive out bad speech is to provide more speech and the best platform is networking sites accessed by billions.

About: Akash Gokhe