Video Streaming Service By Apple To Be More Affordable In Comparison To Netflix

Last week saw one of the largest agreements in the world of video content streaming when Apple inked a multi-year and unique content affiliation with Oprah Winfrey. As a fraction of this affiliation, Winfrey and Apple will produce original programs that hold her unparalleled capability of linking with audiences all over the world.

According to a media report, which quotes one TV official who has had a word with Apple, the Cupertino-located tech behemoth aims to trade a standalone subscription to its original shows, priced less than Netflix. The standard offering of Netflix in the U.S. has a price tag of $11 per month.

The report also rumors that the iPhone-manufacturer might make all or some of the content accessible for free for consumers of Apple’s TV application.

For those who are not aware, Apple has been operating on its streaming platform for a long period now. In 2017, it inked bigwigs such as Reese Witherspoon, Steven Spielberg, and Jennifer Aniston. But most of it is under shadows and according to the industry rumors, will not be out until the 2019’s spring.

The content streaming market in India has attained momentum in the last few years with global players such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video making an entry with its purchased as well as original content. It is thus quite probable that this upcoming service from Apple might make its path to India shortly after it is rolled out.

Netflix rolled out its service back in 2016 in India and as fraction of its launch plan, which still carries on, gives the free access for first month to consumers in India. Consumers have an alternative to select from 3 plans beginning at Rs 500 each month. By the end of 2016 itself, Amazon also made its path to India using its streaming video on demand service dubbed as the Amazon Prime Video. The Prime Video subscription is comprised with subscription to Amazon Prime. During the launch, the subscription to Prime had a price tag of Rs 499 each year but was then refurbished to Rs 999 each year after almost 1 Year.

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