Twitter To Broadcast Official Data Associated With Mexico Elections

An agreement has been signed by Twitter, the micro-blogging network with the National Electoral Institute (INE) of Mexico to share out official data during the overture to general elections of July. The electoral authority of Mexico has already given consent to a similar agreement with Facebook and is getting ready for another one with Google in an attempt to battle the distribution of fake details that afflicted the latest US presidential election.

Twitter To Broadcast Official Data Associated With Mexico Elections

A report released by the INE mentioned the 3 presidential debates will be put on air through the Periscope platform as a section of the accord. The statement mentioned, “The Twitter and INE have inked a MoU to accomplish, via this social network that has so many followers, notifying the community in a passable and timely way pertaining to the most imperative sides of the electoral process.”

Also, the statement mentioned that Twitter would distribute data on the official accounts @TwitterGov and @TwitterLatAm to offer “visibility to community information publicized by the INE.” The National Electoral Institute—that is accountable for guarding the record of Mexican voters—highlighted the pact “in no way entails making use or sharing of confidential information with any of the parties.”

The National Institute of Access (INAI)—responsible for the supervision of confidential details of Mexicans—meanwhile stated that it would speak to authorities in Great Britain and the US in view of the scandal swallowing up Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

The communications firm—that functioned on the election campaign of US President Donald Trump—has been blamed for illegitimately pulling out data of tens of millions of Facebook users and using it to aim latent electors. In a statement, the INAI mentioned that there was no proof yet that the Cambridge Analytica had retrieved any private information of Mexicans.

The July 1 ballot will comprise presidential elections along with those for the 2 subdivisions of Congress and numerous local seats.

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