Treatment For HIV Aids Preventing The Spread Of Virus Study Reveals

The constant risk of passing on HIV to family and friends through contact has been eliminated completely as per details published by a landmark study which is a great boost to agencies seeking to end pandemic related to AIDS. The report which was published in medical journal Lancet states that antiretroviral therapy (ART) which is used for suppression of HIV virus makes it incapable of transmission of AIDS to another person during sex. The researchers conducted a study on 1000 male gay couples in which one partner had HIV and took the ART therapy to keep their disease under control.

They discovered that these men did not transmit HIV to their partners even when they engaged in sex without condom. During the study which was carried out over a period of eight years researchers found out that 15 among the group of 1000 contracted HIV which was not from regular partners but due to unprotected sexual relations with random people. The study suggests that if people across the world that were HIV positive were aware of their health condition and had access to treatment methodologies then no new AIDS case would occur and the disease could get eliminated soon.

According to Prof. Alison Rodger of London College who co-led this research, if there was global coverage about methods through which this disease could be controlled then medical science could eliminate the virus within a short period of time. She hoped that this powerful result would help to improve life quality of people with HIV. Earlier too studies had revealed that the ART therapy was successful in protecting HIV among heterosexual partners in which one partner was positive. Though considerable work has to be done to screen HIV patients and send them for treatment this study provides a great way forward. Since diagnosis of HIV during early infection is difficult it may not be possible to always provide timely treatment particularly among homosexual men.

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