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The Top 6 Fashionable Trends to Watch Out For Mobile Apps In 2017

The explosive rise in smartphone quantity worldwide has paved way to an increase in the number of apps that users utilize. Google Play has 2.2 million while Apple’s App Store has a massive 2 million.

A research by comScore noted that as of 2014 mobile users exceeded their desktop counterparts. It is estimated by Gartner that an excess of 268 billion downloads will result in 77 $ billion income in 2017.

At present apps are built for everything excluding smartphones encompassing IoT-enabled products, wearables, smart cars etc. Looking into 2017 it displays a huge potential for business people and users and is certain to be captivating. Cloud related apps have seen added significance in 2016 and the potential to distribute and synchronize info with the server and other such products has revolutionized in many ways. Below are some of the important trends regarding mobile app development to be observed in 2017.

Designing Mobile Apps

#1  Location-Based Services persists in elevating

Having integrated GPS on all smartphones with simplicity of use, location-based services will progress/advance and provides consumers with real time data or offers corresponding to their locations. LBS can be implemented in various areas encompassing security aspects, travel, retail deals etc. Dominating technical giants have invested a lot in the LBS world and Beacon Technology is rising in popularity. Since this depletes the battery life very rapidly, hardware progress in the corresponding field will help designers and brands to prosper in 2017.

#2  Fusing Augmented Reality (AR) into utility apps

As time proceeds, many number of apps have begun utilizing AR for handy undertakings. By infusing wearables into the scene, the AR tools can be used substantially well than before. Relating to that, identification of words is a factor which can be exploited in messenger and such similar apps. Extra features added encompass   location monitoring, social media synchronisation etc

#3 Android Instant Apps to change into a typical fashion

 Google most recently stated abut its Instant Apps attribute which provides what it says- it permits android apps to operate instantaneously. Such apps do not have the need to be installed and can be made to function with a single tap. These apps have many advantages including the non-usage of valuable memory space to save it onto the phone. These apps belong to the advanced screening versions however with a few advanced features not included. Yet they are apt for faster experience and perceptions

#4 Fusing AI inside apps to become a standard

With the spike in designers fusing machine learning and AI into their apps, this could revolutionize the way the industry functions. Although photo filters are simpler to design, the designers could begin developing novel, revolutionary ways where self-learning apps can edit and tailor whatever is showed to the user depending on personal inclination or location-oriented data. Also going by the name Neural Networks, such offerings can change their place from data centers into common everyday products like phones, Cameras etc.

#5 IoT app integrations to persist without any hindrances

 The IoT industry is in the middle of a big explosive growth at present and apps that tend towards IoT and infuse the best qualities will lead the way. Industries encompassing education, health, automobiles and lots more have started trailing with and infusing with IoT advancements. Considering this during app development in 2017 is a right decision. For designers, such mergers will involve the utilization of advanced mobile platforms along with brands backend infrastructure which conveys and distribute data among all devices. Data analytics have also become important as all the info that is saved and distributed has to be attained in a simple yet efficient way.

#6 More importance given to App security

 The safety features regarding a smartphone have become more vital than before. Many people dont take app security with that much importance and this is a source of concern among app developers. Apps integrated with security attributes can provide the significant difference and should be considered at the API standard or with a basic code to provide access to the app.

Further, Apple’s iOS is now shifting from Objective C to Swift. Many developers are certain to utilize Swift and it will prove to be an important aspect for them to supply a good user experience and provide more significant attributes.

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