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The Voice Recorder App By Google Is Heading To Earlier Pixel Handsets

One of the smartest functions Google launched for Pixel 4 at the launch event of the handset previous month was a Recorder app. This app transcribes and captures audio at the same time. Users of earlier Pixel handsets will not essentially miss out, though, as Google disclosed in a Reddit post that it aims to convey Recorder to other handsets.

Google has often included features it launches on its newest flagship smartphones to its earlier handsets and even its iOS applications, so the news it would make Recorder more widely accessible was somewhat anticipated from the jump. The application is helpful for users who need to quote speech accurately or hate taking notes.

It is not clear when the firm will launch out the update that conveys the app to other handsets, nor which devices it will support actually. You can sideload the app onto a number of Android handsets anyway, but a formal update that brings it to earlier Pixels will certainly encourage more users to use it.

On a related note, if you were one of the users to collect a Google Pixel 4 XL or Pixel 4, you may need to try highlighting Google Lens at the back of the box when you get your handset. That is because the firm has concealed an AR Easter egg on the phone’s package.

If you check it out, you will see an image of the handset morph into an animated greeting text. It will then show images shot on Pixel, as per media. If you click on the display, a card of Lens pops up that takes you to the profile of Google Pixel on Instagram. It is a cute method to show off the abilities of AR and Lens for users who may not be well-aware with them.