Tabs In Android Applications For YouTube Ready To Receive New Names

When the question is related to YouTube, Google always likes to do some tests with its features and UI (be it the on the mobile application or the web). The media noticed this week that Android app of YouTube is being experimented with the 2 new name modifications.

Tabs In Android Applications For YouTube Ready To Receive New Names

It is not the initial time that the search behemoth is making some modifications in the tabs’ names. In 2017, Google changed the name of the “Shared” option to “Activity” by mixing together the notification and shared sections of the app. The notification segment previously was hidden below the “Library” option of the application.

And now Google has changed the name of “Activity” tab and has dubbed it as “Inbox” and within the Inbox segment the “Shared” option is now restored with “Messages.” The Notification tab stays the same in the Activity tab.

Both the name modifications appear to fulfill and justify each others’ purpose in the application and it will also contribute to the general user experience. This is an update from Google’s server side and as of now not everybody is getting the update. But we can hope the implementation of these modifications in forthcoming update for YouTube.

Lately, Google at Google I/O 2018 (its annual developer conference) has declared a new feature dubbed as “Digital Wellbeing.” This feature was developed to assist consumers get rid of the handset addiction by including many features in Android P, which comprises app timer, Dashboard, Do Not Disturb, and wind down.

The first measure towards this cause was the inclusion of “Take a Break” function and as the name recommends it reminds consumers to take a break after a particular time frame. Google appears pledged in enhancing the general consumer experience for their applications and services by including tons of new functions to make the complete ecosystem enhanced.

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