SDA plans to deploy 250 or more satellites constellation for military

Space Development Agency of Pentagon made a draft budget and asked for a budget higher than $11 billion for the next 5 years so that it can plan, design as well as deploy large number of satellite constellations for the use of military.

A large funding will be used in manufacture of 250 satellites which can easily support a constellation of missile defense and to provide various capabilities to satellites which are in lower orbit. In budget proposal, it is also explained how SDA will co-ordinate projects related to outer space across the American military. Previously, the agency was criticized as it intends to take space projects from Air Force as well as other organizations.

The 5 year budget of SDA has been divided into two main aspects viz. base line funding which compound around $582 million and $10.6 billion so that it can conduct testing, development, research and prototyping of layers which are satellite constellations. The bulk fund is for transport layer which will include several satellites and provide aid to US military in global communication.

As per the draft a large chunk of funding will be provided during 2024-25. SDA was formed in March and was under the supervision of Mike Griffin. He advocates creating a separate agency so that it can provide aid in acquiring low cost commercialized space technology for military systems.

For 2020 budget Pentagon asked for $150 million so that it can start SDA, $20 million will be used to boost space research as well as development, $85 million will be given for prototyping of space technology and $44.7 million will be used for personal use. The request of personal funding was cut by House Appropriations Committee to around $26.8 million, as well as request of prototyping technology to around $35 million, though it funded the request of $20 million by R&D.

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