Samsung And Xiaomi Rank High Amongst Consideration Set Of Indian Handset Users

It is well recognized that Xiaomi and Samsung are two well-known players in the Indian handset market. Now, a newest study from Strategy Analytics AppOptix Android Panel discovers that the 2 handset vendors most intimately distinguish as the ideal handset brand in India.

Samsung And Xiaomi Rank High Amongst Consideration Set Of Indian Handset Users

The report named as India Android Smartphone Brand Perceptions and Characteristics claims that Chinese companies are well placed to take benefit of the hostile handset replacement cycle. As per the report, Xiaomi has the most pledging brand funnel with high consideration and intent. In spite of a small installed base, OnePlus astonishingly has impressive purchase intent and consideration score, the report claimed.

“Xiaomi consumers have a sturdy interest in ease of use and a reliable brand while Samsung consumers need a brand that users love and that can understands their requirements”, the report claimed. According to the report, Sony, LG, and Huawei are still grappling to turn awareness into consideration with present brand positioning and offers.

VP at Strategy Analytics, David Kerr, claimed, “Success in the unstable India market needs much more than a fine device. In a commodity handset market, personality, brand placing, and characteristics with suitable marketing communications will hugely define the success of the product rather than features. A trusted company with the newest tech at good value for money is the perfect choice. Innovative, secure, and modern are also valued attributes of any brand.”

Senior Analyst, Rajeev Nair, claimed, “Most Android handset consumers have high loyalty to their present brand but every one in three users are mulling over replacement. The battle for replacement handset sales is strong with no local India merchant in the leading 6 positions in quarter one of this year.”

On related note, Xiaomi rolled out a Mi Band 2 charging cable that can be employed for charging both Mi Band-HRX Edition and Mi Band 2 for a price tag of Rs 129.

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