Quick Look On The Upgrades & Added Features Of iOS 12 Developer Beta 3

“3rd version of iOS 12 Developer beta is out on specific Apple devices.”

Apple OS is among the most debated topic for technology influencers, who have a keen eye on technology which was released recently or about to release. iPhone has claimed to include a lot of new features and upgrade the old features.

Quick Look On The Upgrades & Added Features Of iOS 12 Developer Beta 3

As a part of this mission of offering more user-friendly experience and approach, Apple has released the 3rd iOS 12 developer beta version for eligible iPads and iPhones, and here is what the new phone has and what it has indifferent from its earlier counterparts.

The newly released beta version of iOS 12 has some changes and covered a lot of features which has

  1. UI for iPads’ New Voice Memo
  2. Sharing the content of photo by using the expiring link
  3. An Update offered to Even Contact Button
  4. More informative map of specific locations
  5. Compact notification buttons
  6. Removing notification with a single swipe
  7. Newly animated alert for all notification clearing
  8. Customized the Control Center
  9. Low Power mode displayed in statistics of battery
  10. Proper alignment of carrier information with battery information
  11. CarPlay will continue even while utilizing the camera app
  12. A customized setting for Measure app
  13. Introducing new screen for time splash screen
  14. Simplified Downtime description
  15. Simplified Utilizing Screen Time Passcode description
  16. Changed News settings Identifier option
  17. Sharing My Location in iCloud Settings
  18. Incorporated animated stickers in Messages for activity app

However, this is a huge list of newly added and improved features of iOS 12, but we are sure that the final product is going to have a lot of additions and edition in the app list and feature list. iOS 12 is making all the efforts to come as a better version of its earlier product, which it consistently does.

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