Quick Charge Technology By Qualcomm Extends To Wireless Power
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Quick Charge Technology By Qualcomm Extends To Wireless Power

The Quick Charge tech by Qualcomm has been falling behind the current generation. It is dependent on wired power when wireless is in fashion. The firm is aware that it’s time to alter, although. It is launching a variant of Quick Charge for wireless power that plans to pace up your wire-free top-ups. Charging pads (with suitable chargers) that meet guidelines of Qualcomm might not only give electricity swiftly, but in a “safety-conscious and consistent” manner. You might not have to worry that a pad is over charging your handset, or that it is not living up to its performance standards.

This is not an attempt to seize the Qi format. Qualcomm is making a point of guaranteeing interoperability so that a particular charger will meet both the Qi and Quick Charge standards and. You will not have to wait long to see the initial fruits of the wireless Quick Charge initiative. In fact, you may have already had a glance at it. Xiaomi is the first to launch out such a pad. You will have to wait a bit more to see players come on board

On a related note, Qualcomm Ventures is the corporate venture capital section of the chip manufacturer. Earlier, this arm of chipmaker claimed that it plans to pump in almost $100 Million in AI. Particularly, Qualcomm claims that it will offer funds to startups developing on-device AI, which is AI that operates on the end machines, such as a vehicle or smartphone, instead of in the cloud. Albert Wang, investment director at Qualcomm and the fund’s leader, claims that on-device AI is the key to the future.

“Nowadays’ AI processing is very computationally-based,” Wang claimed to the media. “When you are speaking with Alexa, nothing is processed on your machine. It gets transported to the cloud and then processed.