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Qualcomm Is Operating On Separate Wireless VR Headsets

The new VR headset by Qualcomm will be one of the first to operate as a separate mobile headset and also plug wirelessly to PCs. The headsets will be showcased at the Game Developers Conference that is presently being conducted in San Francisco, and they can arrive in Asia in stores as early as 2019-end, as per media reports.

Most mobile VR headsets do not allow you plug into your computer for a connection to extra libraries of VR gaming, but Qualcomm dreams it to be achievable in its “Boundless XR” (new reference design). The new reference design that the firm has laid out will operate separately with six degrees of freedom as a mobile standalone headset. This will also link to PCs through a 60GHz connection for PC VR gaming. The headsets are fueled by Snapdragon 845 processors by the firm.

As per Qualcomm’s claims, latency is kept at a low 16ms. The headset is also developed to process VR tech while linked to a computer. So, theoretically, it can assist free up your PC’s some processing power, even though it is not clear how much.

On a related note, even before most handset manufacturers have rolled out their first 5G smartphone, Qualcomm, the firm behind the processors fueling many of these handsets, is already mulling over the second generation. Qualcomm earlier declared the follow-up to its first 5G modem the X50, the Snapdragon X55 5G modem. The chip-manufacturer will make the new modem accessible to its associates in the months to come, and the first devices integrated with it must be out before the end of 2019.

Snapdragon X55 has 7 Gigabits Per Second of maximum download speed, in comparison to X50’s 5 Gigabits. That is technically a 40% enhancement even if a combination of radio interference, geography, and spectrum availability indicates you are improbable to see anything near to these theoretical restrictions in real world employment.