Over Air Bag Injuries, Honda Recalls Around 1.1 Million Units

In the United States, Honda recalled more than one million Acura and Honda vehicles owing to airbag inflators, which could explode when driven in an accident and project sharp metal parts to the driver passengers that must protect the safety device.

The carmaker announced on Tuesday recalling about 1.1 Million vehicles, which is the latest in a recall series related to Takata, the company that supplies the airbag inflator.

Takata is already part of the biggest recall in American history. Approximately 37 Million vehicles with the company’s 50 million defective airbags are part of this recall, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The regulator confirmed that 15 people in the United States were killed by defective Takata inflators and that at least 250 people were injured.

In 2017, Takata agreed to pay $ 1 Billion in an agreement with the US Department of Justice to skin the faults for its customers.

According to a letter from NHTSA to Honda on March 11, some of the airbag inflators called by the company on Tuesday were originally installed to solve a problem with the old inflators that were part of Takata’s previous recall.

That’s why, according to Honda, the total number of Honda and Acura vehicles affected by Takata’s recall actions will not change. But the total number of inflators evoked in Acura and Honda cars will reach about 21 Million, according to the company.

According to the Associated Press, NHTSA stated in a statement that the problem was out-of-the-way and that only Honda used the hazardous Takata inflator that was manufactured at the factory in Mexico. The regulator, which has always investigated Takata’s defective product, also said that all the cars in which the replacement inflators were installed were in danger as the parts came from other manufacturers, according to the report.

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