Online Marketing Services: Why Have An External Consultancy
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Online Marketing Services: Why Have An External Consultancy

The competition that exists between companies in the digital world is growing, therefore, the outsourcing of online marketing services to specialized consultancies in the online world seems to be key to achieving the initially marked objectives.

Online Marketing Services: Why Have An External Consultancy

To obtain visibility on the Internet and be able to live up to our competence, it is necessary to have a work team capable of implementing really effective strategies that allow us to position ourselves strategically on the Internet. This work is not simple and we do not always have the means or the necessary time to put it into practice. In this case, the best option is to hire the internet marketing services of a digital marketing agency, capable of offering you the effective solutions to achieve the objectives that we have set.

What online marketing services are most in demand?

Online marketing service: Organic Positioning (SEO)

The organic positioning is one of the online marketing services most demanded by companies today. Based on the objectives of a company, the target, the competition, total SEO budget. The consultancy offered by this online marketing service is in charge of positioning the website to give it maximum visibility in the main Internet search engines.

Among the most important functions that are carried out when offering this online marketing service, are the SEO campaigns, based on multiple aspects such as the index ability of the website, its relevance, popularity, etc. A study of the behavior of potential clients, definition of performance indicators, study of results, etc. is also underway .

Online marketing service: Payment positioning (SEM)

The consultancies that offer online marketing services are also responsible for making marketing campaigns for the major search engines. Within this type of online marketing service include campaigns in Google Ad words or social networks like Facebook Ads.

The online marketing service of payment positioning (SEM) includes a series of functions:

  • Creation of landing pages
  • Sponsored ads
  • Remarketing
  • Search and display ads

All these online marketing services offered by the digital marketing agency entails the subsequent monitoring of the campaigns to determine the return on investment (ROI).

Diagram of an online marketing service


As we have already mentioned, the first step carried out by a digital marketing agency that offers an online marketing service is deep internal analysis (resources, company capacity, results at present) and external analysis (market, competition, potential customers ).


In the same way, an internal diagnosis is carried out to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company and externally, in order to determine the opportunities and threats it faces in the online world.


After the analysis and diagnosis, it is time to establish the strategy. The strategy is the most important point in the online marketing service. It is where we define those factors that can differentiate us from the competition, new products that may be of interest to customers, and the economic and time-consuming effort of correctly carrying out the strategy for the online marketing service hired.

Action plan

Finally, the strategy is launched with defined deadlines, which include the actions of the online marketing service hired by the SEO, SEM, Social Media, email Marketing, web analytics, web maintenance, etc. client.

In conclusion, a digital marketing consultancy specializes in the different online marketing services that can be performed on the Internet, so the client can choose the type of online marketing services that you want for your business, obtaining much more positive results than if these actions are carried out on their own.