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Microsoft Cortana Surfaces As A Standalone App On Microsoft Store

Microsoft, pinpointing that its voice assistant app doesn’t come inbuilt always, is intending to shift Cortana as a standalone application in the Windows store. Speculations have been sparked as a Cortana beta has surfaced in the Microsoft Store, reported The Verge. This beta app is used by the software giant to update Cortana discretely from Windows 10, as a result, the digital assistant can apparently receive new features promptly, but the move plainly hints that the digital assistant won’t be ultimately built into Windows 10.

Initially, reports of Cortana being separated from Windows 10 by Microsoft made rounds when the software major disconnected Cortana in the Windows 10’s May 2019 update from Search. Cortana, nevertheless, was always developed as a Web-based service, so it can be upgraded without core Windows 10 modifications. At the moment, it is not apparent what Microsoft has intended here, but it is probably linked to the forthcoming beta phase of the subsequent Windows 10 update nicknamed 19H2.

The software giant had intended to begin testing 19H2 already and at first assured a spring release to the testers, said the report. Microsoft has been shockingly silent about what 19H2 even entails but it is anticipated to turn up later this year with a complete Linux kernel. The company even began testing its foremost 2020 Windows 10 update prior to 19H2 and it carries on to release builds to testers, added the report.

Likewise, JLL, a commercial real estate company, has collaborated with Google to develop a conversational AI assistant that assists workers to discover and book spare desks, arrange meetings with teammates and others. The smart office assistant, named JiLL, will be accessible for JLL’s clients as iOS and Android mobile applications later this year. One can call upon the assistant with the expression “Hey Jill,” by inserting text, or clicking on options.