McDonald’s Acquires A Tech Startup Named ‘Dynamic Yield’ For $300Mn

In the current happening, Fast food giant McDonald’s has surprised everyone by announcing a huge acquisition involving $300Mn of investment. Interestingly, the company which McDonalds has acquired isn’t its competitor in food business. The firm is an Israel based startup named Dynamic Yield which specializes in the technology called ‘Decision Logic’. This Decision Logic technique used the data which has been collected from the previous purchases made by the customers in order to recommend some additional relevant purchases. This strategic acquisition of the firm would enable the fast food giant to optimize its traditional business by offering more personalized experiences to its customers.

McDonald’s has been consistently working for the same owing to which it makes several attempts in order to bring some innovative ideas for increasing the customer satisfaction levels. It has already tested digital display screens that suggest the food menu depending upon several factors including the current weather condition, trending items, and the time at which the customers are present in its outlets. This technology can offer real time suggestions to its customers based on the current suggestions. Citing an example, if the weather is cold, the customers would see the items like tea or coffee in the suggestions over the display.

It there is heavy rush in the outlet at that point of time, the screens would suggest the items that have minimum preparation time thus leading to saving in the waiting times for the customers. Implementing such innovative techniques would change the scenario drastically for the company has it would optimize the daily routine of the company as well as increase the customer satisfaction on multiple fronts. On the other ends, company has been investing ample amount of funds for bringing in new technologies which may including developing its own mobile application. The company has also partnered with the food delivery giant Uber Eats in order to provide home deliveries to the customers.

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