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Live Pollution Data Will Now be Available Online by Next Year

Can any of you guarantee that the air which we breathe is totally free from hazardous impurities? The answer is an obvious no. The air is a mixed compound of various toxic substances that not only hampers our body functionalities but is also severely hindering the eco-system. And a majority of the emissions are released through the factories with chimneys and engines powered by petrol and diesel. Thus to identify the level of pollution in real time, there will be soon a portal available on Vahan portal of Central Government.

From next April the data linked to pollution will be obtainable on the site. At the initial stage, the first system will be assembled in NCR.

The officials of road transport ministry stated that the result will go through a standardized pollution test to guarantee the data and will imitate the effluence intensity of each vehicle in the portal.

There was a meeting called by ministry and officials of the petroleum ministry, manufacturers of the pollution testing equipment, transport commissioner of 4 states of NCR, and fuel marketing companies were invited to plan the road map for the project.

As per the recent announcement made by the Supreme Court that issuing of insurance of vehicle won’t be permitted if the owners fail to provide the pollution under control certificate. It has also advised the road transport ministry to make sure that there are PUC centers available at every fuel refilling pumps in NCR.

An official of the ministry said,”At present, the result delivered by the equipment aren’t uniform and standardized, thus these results cannot be replicated in the system. Once we will have a sophisticated and standard system, we will synchronize this data with the system with real time access to pollution related information. This system will also eliminate the chances of the data manipulation to issue PUC.

As per the sources, with an upgraded system, the owner of the vehicle will have to make the payment in advance before going for pollution test. There is 4 Weeks time for Center given by apex court to ensure that there are PUC centers in NCR area and make sure that the vehicles that are presently functioning have a certified PUC certificate.

The officials also said, “If the amendment of no PUC no insurance is implemented on a strict note, it is guaranteed that every vehicle will go through the pollution test based on the schedule.”