Jetblue Dares Instagram Users To Delete Their Pics For Free One-Year-Flight
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Jetblue Dares Instagram Users To Delete Their Pics For Free One-Year-Flight

Airlines provide special sales and promotions periodically, but the latest sweepstakes by JetBlue comprises a bizarre stipulation: erase your complete Instagram account and post an image promoting the airline for an opportunity to get a free year of flights.

As per the official conditions, all you have to do is post a pic with a hashtag employing template by JetBlue on a blank Instagram, and publicize your profile so the users in the marketing department can see the entry. JetBlue does not particularly say why your Instagram requires to be erased, although it did claim that you can archive your pics instead of deleting them completely as long as your profile seems similar to a blank page. It also does not say anything about story activity on your Instagram account, so you can still carry on to post there. You must be aware, on the other hand, that even if you are one of the 3 selected winners, you are still accountable for separate fees and taxes on every “free” flight selected.

On a related note, Fi, the wireless carrier by Google, rejoiced its rebranding earlier with an eye-catching offer for those seeking for a new handset. Available to both existing and new Fi consumers, you can get almost $999 in travel gift cards from Delta Air Lines, Airbnb,, and Southwest Airlines. But, as you may have expected, the promotion does have handful of terms.

Firstly, you will have to purchase a handset via the Google Store or Fi this week, activate it within a few days of its date of shipment, and stay activated for next two months. As per Google, it will take a handful of months after the activation to get instructions on how to use your travel credit on Tango. Google has claimed to the media that credits will not expire via Tango.