Instagram Now Allows You Go Live With Your Buddy

Facebook-controlled Instagram has introduced out a latest update, which will allow consumers to go live with a pal and an alternative to add users who are seeing the live telecast. The update is obtainable for both iOS and Android operating systems. The firm rolled out the feature of Live video last year in November and since then it has introduced out different features around the corner. In order to employ the new feature of Live video, consumers only require clicking on the “add” button to invite or add anyone who is seeing the live telecast.


The moment a new consumer connects in, the display will then divide into 2 and your buddy will come into view under you. In addition to this, you will also have the capability of adding or removing users anytime at the time of the live telecast and same way users can also way out on their own at whatever time they wish. When a live telecast has concluded then you can either discard it or add it to stories. The app will display 2 circles in the stories bar linked together when anyone you follow is using the Live feature with their buddy.

In the recent time, Instagram refurbished its feature of “Direct” messages. Users of Instagram will now be capable of replying in Direct messages to a text utilizing multimedia, which indicates both videos as well as photos. The reply can be posted on any post, no matter if it is a video, photo, or re-shared post. Instagram claims that the reply posted by the consumer will without human intervention convert into a sticker. “Just click ‘reply’ to unlock the camera, snap a selfie, and done,” adds the blog post of the company.

What is more is that consumers can send a reply of divided screen as well. “Now you also have the alternative to send a reply of split screen by clicking on the sticker. Add your personal point of view by sketching on the sticker, whether you are doodling on a beach photo or painting a moustache on your friend’s selfie,” claims the post.

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