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If Abortion Law Is Enforced, Netflix To “Rethink” Investment In Georgia

Netflix Inc stated it would “rethink” its television and film production speculation in Georgia if a new commandment severely limiting abortion is enforced in the state, but the streaming service will carry on to work there for the time being. Netflix also stated it would function with groups battling the Georgia law in the US courts.

The firm was the first key Hollywood producer to make a remark publicly on calls by a few for Georgia’s industrial boycott. The industry is accountable for over 92,000 jobs in the state, as per to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), and around 455 TV shows and film were filmed in 2018 in the state, as per then-Governor Nathan Deal.

Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of Netflix, stated the company had several women functioning on productions in Georgia and their privileges would be constrained by the new law. He said, “It’s why we will function with the ACLU as well as others to battle it in court. Provided the legislation hasn’t been enforced yet, we will persist to film there—and also backing artists and partners who opt not to. If it is ever enforced, we would rethink our total investment in Georgia.”

Georgia is among the 8 states to issue anti-abortion rule this year asking to induce the US Supreme Court to turn over Roe v. Wade, the landmark case of 1973 that instituted a woman’s right to end her pregnancy. The regulation will be enforced on January 1, 2020.

Likewise, over 500 #StopTheBans protests took place at town squares, courthouses, and statehouses across several states, in addition to Ottawa, Canada and Puerto Rico. The protests were led by numerous civil rights organizations and abortion rights groups comprising the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s March.