Iceye, APSI Sign Deal For Selling Radar Images In South Korea

Finnish firm Iceye and APSI have signed a pact for delivery of satellite images to government bodies and commercial buyers located at South Korea. Iceye is well known for its ability to successfully launch the first synthetic aperture radar last year. According to its CEO Rafal Modrzewski the partnership is very important for the firm as it will help it to set foot in South Korean business sector and expand its global customer base. He affirmed that APSI’s local knowledge of the market will help to serve local market in an effective manner.

The technological expertise of Iceye will enable APSI to grow within South Korea’s synthetic aperture radar industry enabled by superior radar satellite capabilities. The 1stradar satellite of Iceye was launched in 2018 January through India’s Polar SLV and its second one Iceye X2 was launched in December the same year on Falcon 9 from California’s Vandenberg AFS. By the end of this year Iceye wants to launch an additional five satellites. For expansion of its worldwide customer base the firm is looking to expand operations within nations where customers are quick to accept radar images.

CEO Modrzewski stated that the firm’s main aim is to expand its services worldwide and customers that are quick to request for its services will get priority attention by the company. APSI is a Seoul based firm that was established way back in 2000 and provides equipment along with specialized services for several government bodies within the nation. As per details of its memorandum of understanding with Iceye, the APSI has long term plans for expansion of business services to provide technical solutions to the South Korean government. Iceeye’s long term strategy is to make a constellation of 18 small satellites which will provide SAR based imagery and will be able to provide images of any part of the earth within a few hours.

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