CISA Certification
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How To Pass CISA Certification Exam?

What is CISA Certification?

Certified Information Systems Auditor or the CISA certification is an internationally recognized certification exam for individuals who are rendering their expertise as audit managers, IT auditors, security professionals, and consultants. The accreditation has significantly proved to offer better impetus to the candidates in demonstrating their knowledge, experience, and skills within the enterprise.

CISA Certification

CISA designation enables the candidates to report compliance, access various vulnerabilities and set up controls within the organization. It is precisely designed to boost your career prospects as well as enhance your potential income. The CISA certification has gained global reputation and is unquestionably one of the most exceptional certification exams by ISACA.

The CISA certification exam is very crucial and passing it in the first attempt is something that everyone should focus. Following a few tips to pass CISA Exam would help you to do better in the examination. 

Importance of CISA Certification in Digital Marketing!

Since the inception of digital marketing, the requirement of IT professionals has increased multi-fold. Major digital marketing organizations are continually looking for IT experts. There are several benefits of having a CISA certification in the digital marketing industry. As per a survey, at least 150,000 jobs are predicted in the year 2020; this provides those with a CISA certification to avail a competitive advantage as compared to their peers.

As companies demand valuable skills combined with experience, it is a perfect time to get the certification. Many of the world’s prominent digital giants like Google, Twitter and LinkedIn are offering enormous job opportunities to choose from. 

Top 7 Tips for Successfully Passing CISA Certification Exam

Here are seven essential tips to keep in mind before initiating your preparation for the CISA

certification exam: 

  • Plan your preparation beforehand

The better way to crack the CISA exam, it is vital to give equal attention to each subject. Therefore, candidates must plan their preparation well in advance and allocate time to topics as per their difficulty level. Manage your study hours diligently and make a blueprint of what has to be learned or studied in a particular day. It is suggested that if you are currently a working professional, you must make the preparation schedule 3-4 months before the date of the examination.

We recommend you to dedicate at least 2-3 hours a day for a study on a regular basis. Also, do not forget to revise what you learned the previous day!

  • Religiously go through the CRM manual

The CISA review manual which is offered by the ISACA is your holy book that provides proper guidance to crack the CISA exam. This comprehensive guide includes essential information regarding the CISA exam, as well as defines the responsibilities and the roles of the information systems auditor. In essence, this manual is a unique self-study guide for all CISA applicants. To be entirely prepared for the exam, we recommend you to thoroughly read the manual at least two times to get a better understanding of the contents in the manual.

In case you have any problems regarding the contents provided in the manual, there are many forums where you can discuss the same and get quick solutions! 

  • Learn how to manage the CISA question paper in advance

While you are preparing for the exam, it is equally important to understand the question paper and devise a plan to accomplish the same. Many aspirants complain regarding the lack of time to complete the exam, which eventually leads to mismanagement of the entire question paper. Just like every other competitive exam; to successfully crack the exam, candidates must learn to effectively and efficiently manage the test as well.

We recommend the aspirants to review recent past question papers and analyze the pattern of questions as well as the amount of time required per question. The question paper is not just about checking your knowledge, but also to ensure that you are quick and effective in decision making under pressure. So, to maximize your scores, learn to manage the CISA paper smartly and pass with flying colors.

  • Read CISA blogs and articles to enhance your knowledge

With the advancement of the internet, candidates can find plenty of blogs and articles to aid in their preparation. Such blogs and articles are regularly maintained by experts who have in-depth knowledge about how to efficiently crack the exams and other valuable tips for the aspirants. 

  • Think like an accountant.

The exam is planned in a way which calls for the aspirants to assume they are an accountant or an IT auditor and then take the exam. The question paper strictly prepared around real-world applications and emphasizes on bettering your decision-making skills by tacking specific hypothetical problem scenarios. 

  • Be adaptable

IT industry is highly dynamic and is continuously changing with time. To gain the latest knowledge, it is vital to forgo previous information; such is the functioning of the IT industry. A candidate should be willing to learn new concepts and apply them as and when possible. 

  • Thoroughly explore the eLearning Material and CISA CDs

Most of the portion of CISA syllabus demands rote memorization. Candidates are required to get hold of fluency and proficiency with the IT security and acquire command over the subject matter of the exam. Candidates can avail CDs for the online store of the ISACA. These CD’s incorporate easy to understand training material and come in a story-board format.

We recommend the aspirants to get hands-on experience with the mock-exam generator that is included in the CDs. For added benefits, you may obtain past years CISA CD’S.

CISA certification has gained immense popularity amongst individuals. After winning various accolades as one of the best certification course, having a CISA certification to your designation will enhance your professional career in more than one ways. CISA exams are prepared with a standardized approach to making sure the right candidate cracks it.

It is not just a competitive exam; it wants you to be quick in decision making, analyze problems in real time situation, finds smart solutions to problems, sustains the environment and, institute controls within the organization. With proper planning and the right approach, the exam becomes comparatively easier to crack.

Remember, nothing is unachievable in this world if you are determined enough.

All the best!