Google To Eliminate Clips On Murder Of Councilwoman From Rio de Janeiro

Google last week claimed that it will obey with an order from a Brazilian judge to eliminate 16 clips from YouTube that showed “opinions and assumptions” related to a city councilwoman of Rio de Janeiro who was murdered previous week. This followed after a push by the relatives of Marielle Franco to squash speculations roaming online that the previous activist was linked with criminals.

Google To Eliminate Clips On Murder Of Councilwoman From Rio de Janeiro

Driver Anderson Gomes and Franco were gunshot to death in their vehicle as they were returning from an occasion aimed on making black females powerful. Franco, who also was black was raised up in rule area of Rio, was a regular critic of brutality by police. Before being voted in 2016, she employed as a protester on various issues of human rights.

The murder have stunned Brazil, placed concentrated stress on the management, and resulted in worldwide calls for an autonomous investigation. Cops have not performed any arrests and no group has taken accountability for the slayings. Since her death on March 14, 2018, messages published on social media blame links to other criminals including drug traffickers. Her relatives refuse that, and previously this week filed an appeal requesting that defamatory posts be eliminated.

In the court instruction posted last week, Judge Marcia Correia Hollanda claimed that the 16 clips she was instructing to be removed added up to “abuse of the image and honor” of Franco.

Previously, YouTube also faced the same situation in India. The Government of India had asked YouTube to get rid of all videos linked to a confined tribal group in the Andamans, Jarawas. The instruction came straight from a constitutional body named as the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST). NCST’s concern was that videos on YouTube based on the tribal group outrages the reticence of Jarawas without their consent and knowledge.

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