GM, Toyota, NVIDIA, And Others Join Hands On Self-Driving Car Processors

Autonomous cars pose a whole set of R&D hurdles. With so many factors to mull over—power usage, user interface, safety, and data management, to recall just a few—making a common computing service for their employment is a huge request of just one firm. That is why a bunch of tech and automotive businesses have joined hands to make the AVCC (Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium), in an effort to make a platform that will market the scalable set up of autonomous and automated cars.

The consortium comprises Bosch, ARM, DENSO, Continental, NVIDIA, General Motors, Toyota, and NXP Semiconductors, who will work together on overtaking some of the most major hurdles posed by autonomous cars—the group’s first action will be designing a set of suggestions for system framework for the computing service. As per Alex Harrod of Arm, “The group brings together a unique set of shared goal and expertise,” and will be greeting input from other interested members and firms of the automotive bionetwork.

On a related note, NVIDIA earlier revealed the RTX Broadcast Engine, fueled on RTX GPUs by the Tensor Cores, which can do greenscreening, live filters, and other tricks for Twitch users. The most attractive function is RTX Greenscreen, which can eliminate the background from Twitch users and restore it with whatever you desire or gameplay. “The RTX Greenscreen AI model know which component of a picture is background and which is human, so users get the advantages of a greenscreen without requiring to purchase one,” NVIDIA claimed to the media in an interview.

NVIDIA is operating with the livestreaming app OBS to add RTX Greenscreen. “Using it, users will be capable of instantly teleporting themselves anywhere or eliminating their background environment—in virtual world or in this world,” the film claimed.

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