Germany defies the pressure from United States by not banning Huawei

Germany has resisted the pressure from United States to shut Huawei which is a tech giant from China, from their 5G networks and said that they will not be banning any of the suppliers for the next generation mobile networks in an upfront manner.

The government spokesperson had said that their approach was not to take any kind of pre-emptive decision to ban any of the companies or actors.

The Federal Network Agency of the country has been slated to publish the detailed security guidance on government as well as technical criteria for the 5G networks in the days that are coming.

The next-gen technology for mobiles is equipped to deliver faster speeds and latency lower than the current-gen technologies and also support a lot more connections for a cell site. Therefore it has been viewed as a foundation which will enable a lot of the future technologies.

However an increase in the network capabilities which support a lot more critical functions tantamount to a rise in the risk of security. The complexities of these 5G networks which are being called by the operators as intelligent connectivity also increase the potential area which can be attacked. Therefore, the future of network security is now being termed as a significant concern when it comes to geopolitics.

It has been reported in the German media that Angela Merkel, their chancellor had intervened to make sure that a clause which would have blocked the access of the market to Huawei was excluded as the administration feared a rift with the Chinese had Huawei been shut out.

This decision to not block the access of Huawei has been facing a lot of criticism from many quarters in Germany.

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