Files Go App Upgraded With Rapid Search, File Removal From Google Photos

Files Go app has been updated by Google bringing 3 new features to it. These features are intended for facilitating rapid files search and the elimination of backed up videos and photos. Particularly, the Files Go app is developed for Android Go devices, although it can be downloaded on handsets operating on Android 5.0 Lollipop and beyond as well. The application assists the users to find files rapidly, share them offline, and free up space.

Files Go App Upgraded With Rapid Search, File Removal From Google Photos

The new file search of the Files Go app will enable the users to find files on their device simply like they find on the Internet. This implies, the users will be capable of accessing instant results, auto-complete, filters, and search history as well as file management. Also, these features function offline. To locate files on device, open the Files tab, and hot on the search symbol.

Now, the Google Files Go users can perceive the site of duplicate files prior to erasing them. The application already allows eliminating of duplicate files that assist in freeing up space on device. Files Go users, with the most recent upgrade, can long press on the duplicate file’s that the application proposes for exclusion and hit on the icon “i” to spot the file’s location.

To conclude, Files Go app users can eliminate videos and photos that have been saved in Google Photos. The application automatically identifies and puts forward backed up files for removal. Files Go will roll up a prompt asking to delete videos and photos to free up more space.

This is a great application to chuck out redundant WhatsApp Good Morning videos and photos that occupy space on devices. Files Go basically rolls up files that can be eliminated such as unused applications, temporary app files, photos, large files, downloaded files, as well as content from WhatsApp, ShareIt, and so on.

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