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EU Gives First Approval For Ultra-High-Field MRI Scanner

Siemens Healthineers has gained a sanction from CE for the Magnetom Terra, the 7 Tesla MR (magnetic resonance) scanner, turning it the ultra-high-field first-ever MR scanner to be sanctioned for clinical usage. The international market and advanced player in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), Siemens Healthineers, is thus breaking new ground once again in medical imaging and operating next to users to set up new medical field power for MRI. This will be in line with the motto of the company—Engineering Success. Pioneering Healthcare. Together. Clinicians in Europe can now utilize the network for musculoskeletal and neurological trials in custom clinical applications, since the CE mark indicates that the item obeys all EU needs with regard to clinical benefit, safety, and protection of the environment.

“Thanks to our ancient experience and commitment with ultra-high-field MRI as well as our wide innovation system of collaboration associates all over the world, we are now setting up 7 T imaging in the medical custom along with Magnetom Terra”, claims General Manager and Senior Vice President of Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Siemens Healthineers, Dr. Christoph Zindel, to the media in an interview. “Having now accomplished acceptance for medical usage, we are extending the range of diagnostic MRI. This will be done 15 Years after 3T scanners initially turned out to be recognized. With this fresh clinical field power, we can gain a new stage of information in function and anatomy, assisting further to make the path for accuracy medicine,” claims Zindel. “I am influenced that Magnetom Terra will assist develop the footstep of 7 Tesla in clinical and research application, permitting us to additionally explore fresh areas in MRI.”

Thanks to its extremely high spectral and spatial resolution, Magnetom Terra gives an exact picture of the metabolic procedures in the brain, offers thorough insight into the musculoskeletal system of human, and also helps in the apparition of neurological diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and MS (multiple sclerosis). The benefits of ultra-high-field imaging are particularly obvious in brain imaging. At 7T, cuts can be recognized more evidently, thanks to the stronger image contrast and higher resolution.

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