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Diabetic Foot Ulcers Can Be Kicked Out Through Podimetrics Smartmat

Podimetrics has the diabetic society active over its most recent study to investigate the medical results of its pioneering technology, the Podimetrics SmartMat. The high-end device was revealed to sense 97% of non-traumatic plantar foot ulcers developing, and the results were recorded approximately five weeks prior to the presentation of any noticeable signs.

Patients engaged in the study specified that utilizing the SmartMat was an unproblematic and swift method that only mandates them to stand on the mat for at least 20 Seconds, at the same time the system comprehends the temperature of the patient’s foot for any anomaly. When the patients stand on the mat, the in-built mechanism forms a thermal map of the foot’s bottom, where majority of the foot ulcers are developed.

The company Podimetrics is moderately new and was established by five unknown personalities at MIT in 2011. The primary belief of the company’s technology is that prior identification of new foot ulcers growing, the skin happens to get reddened as a cause of surplus stress. That irritation finally leads to increase in skin heat, which can be recognized by the mat to foretell where new ulcers are expected to develop, that too long before without any noticeable signs.

Moreover, the researchers also came across that total 86% patients utilized the SmartMat and used it three times every week. And about 88% of the patients claimed that it was a simple and swift process to use the device.

CEO and Founder, Podimetrics, Jonathan Bloom stated that the SmartMat was specially designed to be quick and simple for patients along with the efficient monitoring of possible symptoms and notification feature for both physician and patient if needed.

He also added, “Diabetic foot ulcers are the most expensive and common problem detected in diabetic patients, which further results in removing of that part completely to avoid the spreading of infection that cost almost $17 Billion annually. Based on the report, about 1.7 Million Americans suffer from multiple diabetic foot ulcers per year and if this new identification technology is broadly adopted, we can expect to have a remarkable impact.”

The SmartMat device received the approval from the FDA and now the company targets big to initiate the procedure of clinical program that can exhibit the utility and effectiveness of the product. The company is done with the evaluation process of 34 weeks, which had 129 participants with diabetes and had previously experienced the foot ulcers.